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Crypto Scanner - Best search and compare tool for Cryptocurrency

Common questions we get is - which is the best cryptocurrency in USA? or which cryptocurrency exchange in Europe sells offers a specific service?

Best is a subjective term and it depends on your needs as an investor. However, you need to understand the choosing a cryptocurrency exchange based on your location is a wise thing to do.

Now to avoid the headache of choosing the best exchange for you we have created Crypto Scanner.

Crypto Scanner is the solution to all your hassle - It's an easy to use tool giving you the best prices and all the crucial information needed to find the best cryptocurrency exchange for you needs.

We ONLY work with the PROMINENT exchanges in the market, so the exchanges enlisted are way beyond most of their peers.

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We are not here to IMPRESS you with Crypto buzzwords. We are here to EDUCATE!

The topic of Cryptocurrency has been around for a while. But how much do you really know about it? Most people can't make distinction between the different cryptocurrency exchanges available. 

Some questions to ask yourself....

  1. What is the difference between a centralized cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) and a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX)?
  2. Is there any difference between a cryptocurrency exchange in Europe and a cryptocurrency exchange in USA?
  3. Are there Cryptocurrency exchange in USA that are regulated?
  4. What would make the best cryptocurrency exchange USA or in your country?
  5. Why does Binance makes a distinction between the cryptocurrency exchange in Europe and the cryptocurrency Exchange in USA?

If you don't know the answer to most of the above questions, then you are definitely in the right place to understand the difference between the wide variety of cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.

We create content for different levels of cryptocurrency knowledge. Doesn't matter what's your job, what you eat or where you live. We want the whole world to know about cryptocurrencies and we want to show how ANYONE can BENEFIT from it - That is why we are in the process to create the encyclopedia of cryptocurrency - Cryptopedia.

The level of knowledge you want to achieve is up to YOU. We have split the content into three different segments according to the DIFFICULTY of the article. As you might already know the crypto industry is very DYNAMIC and there are constant updates, new coins and new technologies. Certainly we DON'T know it all EITHER but we are constantly uploading new content.

if you want us to write on something in particular which we might have missed, please drop us a message.

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About Us

Let's be honest, EVERYONE had a hard time understanding what is CRYPTOCURRENCY, we've been there!

It might be DAUNTING at first when trying to UNDERSTAND this new technology, the worst part of it is that you might be even more CONFUSED after doing your research. We strongly believe in the POTENTIAL of Cryptocurrency, it's all around us already. We will be doing our UTMOST to EQUIP you with the KNOWLEDGE necessary before making any DECISIONs.

We don't want anyone to MISS on such a great OPPORTUNITY - remember cryptocurrency is the FUTURE currency.

Our Mission

We are here for YOU! We are here to ensure that you leave our website more INSIGHTFUL. Our mission is to be of HELP to anyone who is a beginner or intermediate interested in the Crypto world. We SIMPLIFY the content on our website to make your crypto journey ENJOYABLE.

All the information and tools provided on our website is for free and will also be for free - no matter what.

We started our mission in 2020 by giving the right education on the different cryptocurrency exchanges that we see on a daily basis, but that was only the beginning. We have two more blogs which we have kicked off one writing about different less known crypto tokens/coins and another blog on Crypto Casinos.

Our information is created with one goal in mind - To choose what is the best for you!


Cryptocurrency to Invest In

Let's FOCUS on what is important!

We have prepared a quick comprehensive explanation on the coins that we at Crypto Enthusiast are very OPTIMISTIC about. The eight coins currently listed includes some of the major coins. By no means we are stating that these are the ONLY coins that have potential. There are MANY MANY more!

Going forward we will be adding more altcoins which are less know to the market and have LARGER POTENTIAL but LARGER RISKS. As with any other aspect of life the greater the risk the greater the reward.

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