Crypto Arbitrage Scanner

Crypto Arbitrage Scanner Cryptocurrency Arbitrage in a few simple steps! What is Cryptocurrency Arbitrage? We all try to make a little bit of extra money and buy something fancy for ourselves or the ones we love. Whether it’s by investing in the Stock Market, Cryptocurrency Market or by working on a side hustle. Cryptocurrencies bring …

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Bitcoin is NOT the Future!

Bitcoin is NOT the Future! Bitcoin has been the most sought, discussed, and dominant cryptocurrency in the market. Most probably Bitcoin was the best investment in the last century or even decade, however Bitcoin is NOT the Future! Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency which has managed to breach the 1 trillion-dollar market CAP. Although the …

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KIN Coin Price Prediction

KIN Coin Price Prediction KIN Cryptocurrency – Is it a sleeping giant? Crypto Enthusiasts are all the time on the lookout for the next massive crypto opportunity. We all know that purchasing the right coin/token  at the right time can generate monumental gains which can sort us for life. In this article we are going …

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Buying crypto with Paypal

Buying crypto with Paypal   To date, there are still a lot of traditional banks that do not like cryptocurrencies. They might even consider clients purchasing cryptocurrencies as a high-risk client. We are pretty sure that this will change soon as the world is only heading towards more adoption of digital currency and there is …

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How will CBDC change our lives?

What is Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)   This is going to be the biggest overhaul of the global financial system since Bretton Woods’. Raoul Pal, Founder/CEO – Global Macro Investor and Real Vision Group A CBDC is a digital form of traditional currency offered by governments to its citizens and backed and controlled by …

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