How to Win in a crypto casino

How to Win in a Crypto Casino


You will always lose your money in crypto casino games if you're not mentally prepared for the rigors of gambling online.

But in this article, I'll show you how to avoid the many pitfalls of losing games in a casino, especially online casinos, and what to look out for when playing games online using crypto.


You see, the big temptation of online casinos is the comfort you get from playing wherever you are. And if it's an online crypto casino, you can rest assured that your chances of making a fortune or losing all your investment are slim. However, your success or failure all depends on how you play the games.



When SatoshiDice allowed a gambler to place a bet on a k-League soccer match in 2010 using bitcoin, little did they know that crypto casino would grow to become the multi-million-dollar industry it is now.

This move by SatoshiDice opened up the borders of gamers eligible to play on their website. However, the company stopped accepting US players for legal reasons.

This move started the evolution that we currently experience in the gaming industry. Now, decentralized finance is the core of many online casinos as it allows for a plethora of bonuses and anonymity.



Staking your cryptocurrencies in a casino, with your profits given to you in crypto, is the new cool in the gaming world. Crypto casinos are like regular casinos, only that people use cryptocurrency instead of using fiat currency to play the games.

Whether through bitcoin or Ethereum, playing games and staking money on the outcomes has never been this comfortable and profitable.

The casino industry has evolved from when they only accepted bitcoin as payment. Many crypto casinos have provisions for different types of cryptocurrencies, while others have made NFTs that can be traded.

Win in crypto casino


There are two types of crypto casinos:

  • Crypto-Exclusive casinos: These are casinos that only accept cryptocurrency from players. In this type of casino, fiat currency is abhorred. And they accept a rich array of cryptocurrencies.
  • Hybrid casinos: These casinos accept both crypto and fiat currency. Online and brick-and-mortar hybrid casinos are popular because many people don’t know how to use cryptocurrency. And many don’t trust these digital currencies.



Gambling with cryptocurrencies is similar to what you have with fiat currencies; some differences exist.

The main differences are:

  • You must have the required crypto needed for gambling in the casino: The best crypto casinos allow a variety of digital currencies. In contrast, others have limited currencies you can use on their platforms.
  • Create an in-house wallet of the casino: As much as you’d want to gamble with your cryptocurrencies, crypto casinos are careful to have web wallets for their casinos. This way, you can transfer the crypto from your wallet (external wallet) to your ‘in-house’ wallet.
  • Play with the crypto in your ‘in-house’ wallet: After you’ve sent the required crypto to your corresponding ‘casino wallet,’ you can bet on whatever games the casino offers.


Cryptocurrencies’ decentralization is one of the great positives of gambling with cryptocurrencies in Casinos. Knowing that nobody can control the outcome of a gamble, or place restrictions on the amount you can play with, makes betting in casinos that accept cryptocurrencies a plus.

However, there is more to gambling with cryptocurrencies on your favorite online casinos.

  1. The payment process is fast: Unlike fiat currencies that take time to transfer huge sums, you can quickly transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies to your in-house wallets within minutes.
  2. Low Transfer fees: The fees charged when playing casino games with crypto are low compared to what’s obtainable with fiat currencies. Gamblers pay as little as 1% of their total gambling amount when using crypto.
  3. The add-ons are immense: To provide a more wholesome casino experience, gamblers are given mouth-watering add-ons such as welcome bonuses, free spins, VIP programs, etc.
  4. Anonymity of players: Many players at casinos are often skeptical about gambling because their identity can be traced, and their bank accounts stopped. But with crypto, identification is eliminated, allowing players to be anonymous. In addition, the accounts of gamblers at the best casinos and even online are safe because blockchain technology, the tech on which cryptocurrencies are built, uses Proof of Stake and 2-Factor Authentication to protect the data and assets of gamblers.


Have you ever heard in crypto news of how somebody lost all their life savings and investment because they gambled on a few games?

Such news is rampant, not just with people who bet on games using crypto.

But how can you avoid falling into such potholes, losing all your investment, and winning big in crypto casinos?

  1. Determine from the Get-Go how much you’re willing to stake: Many people who lose all their investments often enter games without knowing how much they’re willing to play. The idea that you can play as much as you have is false. You’ll lose your investment before you know it because the temptation to keep playing even when the game is against you is compelling. Set a target of how much you are willing to lose before placing bets.
  2. Play only a few games: The lure to play as many as your investment can allow is always there. Picturing how much you’ll make can make you play different games simultaneously. But playing multiple games will make you lose your money fast. Before you play any game, know the intricacies of the game and how the odds often swing. If you play only a few games, you stand a better chance of making profits in the crypto casino.
  3. Leave the game when you’ve won: Similarly, you need to know how much you’re willing to play with and target how much you want to win. This helps your psychology, so you don’t become greedy and lose all your profits and investment.



With over 4200 listed gambling sites, playing games online with crypto is safe as most crypto casinos have a regulatory license. We have reviewed the best Crypto Casinos for 2022 here.


Winning in crypto casinos has more to do with psychology than knowing what games to play. With the growing popularity and adoption of blockchain technology, the future of casino gaming will be decentralized.


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